8 Essential Points To Know About Using A PhD Dissertation Database

Every student who is pursuing a PhD degree understands its significance. This is why they are very particular about the quality and content and try to give it their best effort. It is not uncommon for students to seek help from external sources and one of the best resources at present for PhD aspirants are PhD databases found throughout the Internet. It is necessary to bear in mind that the database should be used as a research tool instead of a free dissertation paper.

Points to Keep in Mind

  1. PhD databases are valuable resources and they consist of important research works clubbed together under one roof. You can access whichever paper you want, as long as it is free. There are some papers which are paid and you should check out the details first before you try to access them.
  2. Dissertation papers found on these sites should not be used to copy your own paper. You can take inspiration from the works of others but to paraphrase and use content blatantly is a complete no-no since it constitutes plagiarism which is highly frowned upon in educational institutions.
  3. There are certain rules you need to follow when using the database. You are free to use the database as many times as you like but you should understand that these databases are comprised of works submitted by others. Thus, you should approach them with respect and not try to use the papers you find in the site in any unscrupulous manner.
  4. When you wish to access the database, the first thing you must do is speak with the librarian at your institute. Not all databases are supported by all the institutes and you need to figure out which ones are accessible from your campus. Moreover, it is a good idea if you discuss the requirements as well.
  5. When you access the site, you can use it in any way you want for research purposes. You can conduct a general search to find out if there are any materials stored in the database that relate to your subject.
  6. You can carry out advanced searches if you are not being able to find what you are looking for out of thousands of options. Based on your needs, you can set the criteria and check which works are going to be of use to you.
  7. If the institute you attend has its own PhD database, you can utilise the database search in a manner similar to how you search online.
  8. Your institute may want students to use a particular database rather than scour the Internet for new ones. In that case, you should speak to your professor.