The Fail-Safe Strategy For Choosing A Master's Dissertation Topic

People are ecstatic when they get admission in college but when it is about choosing a Master’s dissertation topic; it becomes a frustrating task for them. Refine good ideas and eliminate those that are redundant.

How you can choose a dissertation subject? First of all understand what are the qualities of a good subject matter?

The answer is-

  1. It should be absolutely unique.
  2. It should be well executed.
  3. It should be set in the context of the theme
  4. The research should be executed according to the matter in hand.
  • Novelty: All the discoveries depend on the existing ideas but should be put together in a new fashion. Try to achieve a specific outcome while picking a specific subject and applying a new methodology.
  • Context: Find an interesting research subject that has not been picked by anyone else. Check out the methodologies employed by other researchers.
  • Check if the theme is competent: If you think you can execute the matter well, then only choose the topic. If you do not have the skills and available resources, stop there and then.
  • Idea generation: You may have enlisted a long list of subjects that may have gathered your attention but do they generate ideas as you start writing? Be open to all types of ideas, even the craziest ones. Not necessarily that the ideas have to be unique but consider multiple variations at the same time. Look for the potential avenues for explorations.
  • Testing: Test all your ideas against the possibilities for viabilities. Think if you can write and make your project successful? Plan as in how you will execute all the steps and think for your requirements.

It involves-

  1. Performing simple experiments and mini investigations
  2. Check, if you can access equipments in terms of people and information.
  3. Read relevant literature.
  4. Ask relevant experts.
  • Elimination and refinement: Eliminate all those ideas that are impractical. Refine those that you think are possible. Try evolving new ideas out of the failed testing.
  • Collect good ideas: The accumulation of data has a great role to play while deciding the authenticity and making it a successful one. A poor quality data cannot be polished despite the fact you work really hard and write it in a clear, concise and comprehensible way.

If things are like that, reject the matter and move ahead to another subject. Though you might have spent excessively long time in deciding the topic, but remember you have saved ample of time in long term too.