Finding Dissertation Acknowledgement Examples Online

When publishing your writings, it's important that you thank and acknowledged those involved with helping you along the way. The same applies to your dissertation. No, the page is not in any way research, but it's only fair to give the proper acknowledgements.

If you've never written an acknowledgement page before, no problem! The Internet is full of examples for you to check out, which can help you thank and acknowledge your peers in the best manner possible.

Internet Search

You will find many sample acknowledgements by simply searching on a web browser for a dissertation acknowledgment example. As always, make sure the source of the example is legitimate and that it is an okay example to go by. There are literally thousands of web pages to chose from, so feel free to search around and choose a style and tone that you like and feel would work well for you.

If you don't want to use a sample page, you can always use a guide. You will more or less be writing the acknowledgements all on your own, without the crutch of an example, but that will make your dissertation acknowledgement all your own style, without any outside influence. Guides can be found by searching online for dissertation acknowledgement guides. You will find articles upon articles explaining the proper way to execute the acknowledgement page.

Online services

While you likely can find these examples for free, you can always use a paid service. When looking into using a paid service, always check their feedback and reputation. You will also want to ask yourself if it's worth it to pay for something you can likely get for free.

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums are a great tool to use when in search of examples. You're sure to find a forum where you can get help with your acknowledgements, and these people tend to be willing and ready to help you if you have further questions.

Research Databases

Not only are these helpful in writing just about anything, they're also helpful in writing your acknowledgement page. Searching the database should be relatively easy, as most if not all dissertations will have an acknowledgement page. These databases will contain good examples for you to view and base your own acknowledgement page off of.