Finding Dissertation Problem Statement Examples

A dissertation problem statement describes the issues that a researcher wants to solve. It has a number of components including the purpose of the study, issue statement and the methods utilized to solve the problem. To write a winning problem statement, it is critical that you find examples from the following places:


Go through the search engines and find websites owned by professional writers. Download some of their recent projects and compare different problem statements. Note that the lecturers may have specific instructions and will therefore be reflected in some of the samples that you view from such sites.

Buy the examples

You cannot tag any price when it comes to getting good grades. Indeed, you must do anything and everything to ensure that you write a perfect paper. This may include buying an example of problem statements from the online platform. Note that you must specify the type of statements that you are searching for so that you can get the best examples.

Go through peer-reviewed journals

If you have financial constraints and still want to find quality problem statement, go through various journals in your discipline and consider the examples by the academic scholars. Ensure that the journals are written by reputable scholars.

What You Will Observe In the Examples

After going through various samples, you will realize that scholars are guided by a number of tips to write problem statements. These include:


Every problem statement should specify what you are writing about so that the readers will be interested to read your paper. It means that the writer must avoid considering multiple issues and rather narrow down to a problem that they can clearly define.

Brief elements

The elements of a problem statement namely the problem itself, methods of solving it, and the purpose of study, should be brief. Otherwise, the reader will get lost and have little interest to read through the rest of the paper.

Research and more research is crucial

A strong problem statement must originate from a research question. To find a good research question, a writer must go through previous literature and identify gaps. It, therefore, means that it is not possible to come up with a problem statement without conducting proper research.