Best Advice On How To Come Up With Good Dissertation Topics

One of the most crucial elements of writing a successful dissertation is to come up with the best topic that you possibly can. This will set the tone of the rest of your thesis, and help you do an amazing job of it. This article has the best advice about exactly how you can come up with some really great dissertation topics of your very own, so read on!

Write a list of your interests

The first thing you should do when you're trying to come up with some excellent topics for your dissertation is to make a list of your interests. So, find a quiet spot and write down all the things that interest you. They don't necessarily have to fall in your field of study. Also have a look at the things in your bedroom, like your books and hobbies. Once you have this list, you can try to find ways to link each of the items to your field in some way.

Research your field of study

After you've made a comprehensive list of your interests, you should research your field of study as well as you can. Read all the recommended books and journal articles on the subject that you can find. It may be helpful to ask your advisor if he or she can recommend any suitable books and journal articles that you can read.

Search for gaps in the existing research

While you do your research, make sure you are on the look out for any gaps in the current research on your field, as these make for fantastic dissertation topics.

Look out for suggestions from experts

Another great way to find promising themes for your thesis is to keep an eye out for any research suggestions put forward by experts in your field of study. This is where your earlier research will come in handy. You may well have come across a few suggestions of what still needs to be examined in your field, particularly in the discussion sections of academic journal articles.

Run your list past your advisor

Once you're relatively happy with your list of potential dissertation topics, you need to make an appointment to see your advisor so that you can ask him or her whether the themes on your list are appropriate or not.

Make you final decision

After all that preparation, you can finally choose the theme for your thesis.