Dissertation Ideas In Psychology – 25 Great Examples

Educational Psychology is an increasingly popular subject these days and has opened doors wide for new generation. The subject is highly enriching and its impact is seen widely on various personality types. Advanced learning systems have been replaced by ancient teaching methods employed by Psychologists.

Following are some of the exciting Psychology dissertation topics-

  1. What is the contribution of expectations in the life of a teenager? How is he benefitted? List various emotional traumas that he has to deal with.
  2. Relate emotions, anxiety disorders and impaired social cognition.
  3. Are MRI studies an authenticated indicator for measuring the functioning of brain? How?
  4. How prefrontal area overrides while demarcating various humans? How it relates with other areas of brain?
  5. Compare the model of Baddeley’s working memory with the alternative theories of Psychology.
  6. Draw a relationship between working memory and attention in terms of interest.
  7. How the role of prefrontal cortex significant while analyzing short term memory?
  8. Draw a relationship between emotional memory and episodic memory.
  9. What is the role of visual illusions in understanding perceptual processes?
  10. How circumstances decide sense of time?
  11. How face stimuli assesses human development from infancy to childhood.
  12. What are the factors that affect social behavior?
  13. How cognitive neuroscience interacts with Social Psychology?
  14. Talk about cognitive dissonance in respect of enduring legacy.
  15. Discuss non- verbal communication in infants at their early onset stage.
  16. While understanding the group behavior, talk about agent based computational models in respect of collective behavior.
  17. Categorize abnormal psychological symptoms based on DSM-IV tool.
  18. Discuss Schizophrenia as a part of multi dimensional syndrome.
  19. Can health Personality inventory analyze the hazard of substance misuse in adolescents? To what extent can they be trusted?
  20. Identify the cognitive factors in respect of crucial traits. How creativity is judged as a multi faceted propensity?
  21. Discuss the validity of ‘Big Five Personality Inventory’ in contrast of other personality types seen in an individual.
  22. How language influences the perception of an individual? Discuss the various reasons behind this?
  23. To what extent religion identifies the mental level of a group of people. How fair is it fair to judge a person based on this perspective?
  24. Write a literature review linking the children’s home routines in respect to the treatments of ADHD when provided.
  25. Carry a quantitative study discussing the impacts of various personality types based on the patient outcomes after they are hospitalized. Discuss various types of mental disorders too.