MBA dissertation topics in business management

MBA dissertations are like any other dissertation. MBA dissertations also have a number of chapters where you need to explain in detail the argument you are putting forth. MBA dissertations are only different in their subject matter. One needs to put equal amount of research into writing a MBA research. While writing a research paper for technical subjects like this, one must keep in mind various things.

Whatever you write should be based on the theories that you have read. The topic that you choose should be one that will find relevance in the modern world. Needless to say your paper should not be plagiarized; it should be a hundred percent original. If you are borrowing from sources mention them. Choose a topic for your thesis that is contemporary and of use to your particular field. We are providing a list of topics that you can write on for your paper.

  1. A cross sectional study of the united states of America in terms of the kind of catalysts and obstructions that is faced by the banking sectors in terms of internet banking in the country.
  2. Is the new concept of management of culture just a gift wrapped avatar of management control or is it a step towards some new technique of management? Analyze.
  3. Make a detail study of the emerging trend of shopping online. Do you think customers prefer to shop online over retail stores? Also show how this trend of online shopping is affecting the retail stores of a country.
  4. Consider the various theories that have been written so far by various people on the subject of outsourcing. Enumerate on the positive things of such theories and how effective they are.
  5. Develop a hypothesis about how you would like to change the existing management structure that functions in most banking sectors. Show how this methodology is better than the one in use now.
  6. Consider the kind of impact that is prevalent in the service sector by the TQM.
  7. Consider the kind of obstacles that might come into play when two companies belonging to different cultures try to execute some collaboration. What changes are to be brought into the management system to run execute the collaboration effectively?
  8. What according to you are the kinds of business management policies that contribute to a business venture being successful? Analyze in detail the various policies that are adopted by five different thesis writing companies.