A Collection of Higher Education Dissertation Topics

Modern higher education not just consists of rote learning as we are used to in school days, but which now believes in a more holistic approach. For the same reason, higher school students are asked to present a dissertation, defined as a well-researched assignment which should also incorporate your views and opinions. Though such dissertations initially seem to be an extra burden to our already hectic work schedule, they do help in developing and honing your critical skills, planning and organization abilities, sharing ideas and independent analysis of your work. Though a dissertation topic can be anything you choose to work on, here are a few which could make your work a little easier.

  1. An Analysis of the Present Education System? Have the new regulations been a boon or bane to the students?
  2. International Exposure to Indian Students: Factors and Expectations. What are the roles that could be played by teachers?
  3. Financial Concerns Of the Present College/University Students: A Guide To Managing Their Pocket Money.
  4. Personality of a Student outside the Classroom: Social and Cultural Factors.
  5. Combating Dissimilar Culture In An Inter-cultural Nation: How Can We Help In The Blending Of Cultures and Develop Brotherhood In India?
  6. The Present Lives of Native American Women in the Education System: Diversity, Inclusion and Acceptance.
  7. Factors Which Would Influence Students’ Performance At Campus Placements: Are The Requirements Inborn Or Brought By Training?
  8. Should Compulsory Community Service be included in higher education school curriculum? Would they help in developing social spirit?
  9. Forms of Bullying and Their Solutions in a High School environment: Physical Bullying, Verbal/Emotional Bullying and Cyber Bullying.
  10. “Am I Good Enough For My Peers?” Raising Questions to Develop Self-Esteem in Teenagers of the Present Generation.
  11. The Modern Menace of Cyber Bullying: Prevention, Remedy and Rehabilitation.
  12. Analysis of the Over-Use of Social Media: Should the use of social networking sites be kept to a minimum?
  13. Over-Exposure of one’s Personal Life on Social Media: Should Parents Accept, Scrutinize or Disallow This Phenomenon?
  14. An Analysis on Teacher-Student and Student-Student Relationship in High Schools in India: Is it a cause of concern?
  15. Development of a Web-based Education System in India – Would it be an advantage or a disadvantage?

Most of the topics are something they would be able to give an honest opinion about after looking at the statistics. For more information regarding a good dissertation, you can take benefits from using writing services on the web.